Snow International Trading Limited located in Beira was formed in November 2014.

Product Range:
Farming Implements

The company currently has over 40 products, pesticides fully registered in Mozambique as well as foliar fertilizer. In line with that, they have distribution models with which they work closely collaborating with dealers and some out grower companies in order to be able to widely distribute products.

These are currently located in towns such as Nampula,  Nacala, Muxunguae ,Quilmani, Mocuba Maputo etc
Snow Mozambique believes in educating the farmers on the usage of products for them to get the maximum yield out of using products which benefits them as well as the organization.

They also have a keen interest in training their dealers and work closely with them to also understand their requirements and limitations of the economic environment in which they operate.

The company has two outlets – one in Beira, Mozambique and the other in Nampula, Mozambique.

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         Lda Loja nº2       
    Rua Bagamoio