​FORDHANI LIMITED was incorporated in Malawi in 2013 and is a leading supplier of quality Agriculture inputs,agro-chemicals,farm implements,fertilizer,fumigation and general pest control services.

​The company has successfully supplied inputs for major crops like cotton, maize, tea/coffee and vegetables sectors in Malawi since 2013 with wide varieties of products in place.Working with strategic partner in Malawi, AFRISIAN LIMITED the company has expanded its supply chain network throughout all regions of Malawi. Backed by professionals who have hands on experience and a strong supply chain connected to the latest products available FORDHANI LIMITED has become one of the most reliable supplier that offers its customers genuine and quality products and services competitively.

Product Range:
Farm inputs

​Wholesale/Retail Distributors for:

Herbicides: Glyphosnow, SnowAcetachlor, Snowwipe, Snow Bean

Insecticide: Tarantula, Snowmectin, Snowcron, Kick-boxer, Snowstorm, Snowcyper, Snow Super, Asteroid, Target, Snowthion, SnowAlphacyper, SnowAngel, Snowbecco, General.

Fumigants: Fastphos, Canine Plus

Fungicides: Success, Snowthane, Snowcop, Snowvil, Chloroplus

Farm Implements: Snow sprayers 16Ltr knapsack

Fumigation and Pest Control Services for Residential houses, Lodges, Hospitals, Bar and Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Industries, Super markets.

Address                                       Phone Number                                        Email              

PO BOX 5133
# 34 Zulekha Arcade
Opp Illovo Sugar Round About,
Limbe, Malawi

+265 992018199


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