Despite its competitive prices and high quality products, PIL knows that many small holders in its catchment areas are not venturing to visit its dealers because of the ingrained belief that they cannot afford inputs, and the high risk of crop failure if inputs are fake or applied incorrectly.

Therefore,to earn the trust of farmers and offer
affordable and sustainable payment options,PIL and Grameen Foundation through the support of AGRA developed a Digital Inputs Financing Toolkit (DIFT),a digital-enabled solution that allows it to:


  • Register farmers onto a digital platform,collecting individual farmer's information and production goals.

  • Generate a customized crop Investment Plan with detailed indications on the kind of inputs required,the amounts and the timeline for their application.

  • Offer a layaway plan,through which farmers can gradually pre-pay via mobile money the total price of the inputs with small instalments over time.Enrolling in the layaway plan,farmers will also get access to discounted input prices.

  • Send SMS-based timely reminders to incentivize the farmers to make regular payments and to educate them on the application of the inputs and other good agricultural practices.

Positive International Limited (PIL)

Through the DIFT has been able to impact over 7,000 farmers through increased access to agronomic information,high quality inputs,at affordable price.

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